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Residential Conveyancing

We provide fixed price quotes for residential conveyancing matters.

Our average fees are :

Selling:   between £575 – £700

Buying:   between £675 – £850

Remortgage: between £300 – £400

Transfer of Equity: between £300 – £400

In addition to the above we charge vat and disbursements.

Disbursements are payments made to the third parties on your behalf. If selling a property these are normally limited to Land Registry fees of £3.90 per document needed. If buying or remortgaging a property you will normally need searches which cost approx. £228 as a package depending on the area. You will also need to pay a land registration fee which depends on the purchase price or value of the property. The land registration fees are summarised here. Stamp duty is also payable depending on the purchase price and your circumstances.

We will charge extra for providing a Declaration of Trust if needed. This is often recommended for unmarried couples or those wishing to hold a property in unequal shares. Our charges depend on complexity but typically are between £50-75 plus vat.

Our fees and disbursements depend on various matters including the type of property (flat or house), its value, its location, whether freehold or leasehold, whether it is a new-build, whether it involves the grant of a new lease, or if there are any shared ownership or shared equity loans or Help to Buy ISA’s involved.

To obtain a quote please call us on 0151 932 0333. The more detail we know the better we are able to tailor it to your individual matter. You will be give a clear written breakdown of what is included and a fixed price.

Why Us

Highly Qualified and Experienced. From start to finish your matter will be dealt with by either a Solicitor, Licensed Conveyancer or Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. Unlike many other practices we do not use unqualified staff to carry out the majority of your work.

One Point of Contact. You will have one point of contact for your file who will be a senior, experienced and qualified member of staff. Unlike many other practices we do not have ‘teams’ where you never speak to the same person twice and never get to speak to the person in charge of your file. Whilst we have other members of staff are on hand to assist you will generally deal with just one person throughout.

No Hidden Extras: Our quotes include ALL the normal aspects involved in conveyancing matters. Many practices charge extra fees for every day aspects of a conveyancing matter such as arranging indemnity insurance policies which are frequently needed or filing stamp duty land tax returns. Our only caveat when providing a quote is that if we subsequently discover there is something highly unusual involved which we could not have foreseen at the outset then additional fees may be necessary. An example would be having to make an application to Land Registry to correct a defect in your legal title. Otherwise the only ‘extra’ is if you ask us to provide a Declaration of Trust referred to above.

Timescales: Obviously speed is key in conveyancing transactions. The vast majority of clients want to complete matters as quickly as possible and we provide a quick and efficient service. On average it will take between 4-7 weeks to get you to a point of being in a position to exchange contracts. However the overall timescales are dependent on a wide range of influences such as the parties that are involved, their particular circumstances, the type of property involved (buying a flat takes longer than a house), what issues arise when we undertake checks of the legal title/searches etc and simply the speed at which other parties deal with their aspects of the transaction. In part, our ability to progress quickly is dependent on the other parties representatives.


We provide fixed price quotes for Wills. Our basic fees are as follows:

Simple Wills

Single                                                 £125 plus VAT

Joint/Mirror                                         £195 plus VAT

Complex Wills

Single                                                  £225 plus VAT

Joint/mirror                                          £375 plus VAT

The above figures are provided  as a guide only. In the majority of cases, they will be applied to the work undertaken for you. In a limited number of cases, it may prove necessary to vary the stated charges.

In any event, before you decide to formally instruct us to act for you, we will provide written details of the charges that will apply to your matter.


Estate Administration matters

Our charges for this service depend entirely on how complex a particular matter is.

Where possible we will always aim to deal with matters on a ‘fixed’ fee basis.

Examples of fixed fees:

  • Obtaining the Grant of Representation only (with short form Inheritance Tax return) – £575 plus VAT and Court fees;
  • Obtaining Grant of Representation only (with long form Inheritance Tax return) – £950 – £1450 plus VAT and Court fees;
  • Deeds of Family Arrangement/Variation – £475 plus VAT.

The Court fee stated is a set fee of £155 + 50p per sealed court copy.

The average timescale for obtaining a Grant is approx. 3 months.

Full Estate administration

No one’s estate is identical to someone else’s. Often it is difficult to anticipate the problems that may arise or that matters will become otherwise complicated as the administration progresses. Some estates are complex because the deceased’s financial affairs and/or personal lives were complicated or because Inheritance Tax is payable on the estate, or for example the estate contains overseas or business assets.

When asked to handle all aspects of the administration of an estate, the basis of our charges is an hourly rate multiplied by the time spent dealing with the matter. As a guide, the average time spent dealing with a simple estate in which no complications arise should require between 10-15 hours work.

Your work will be undertaken by a Solicitor whose hourly rate is £203 plus VAT.

It is difficult to give precise timescales but in most straightforward cases it takes approx. 9 months to administer an estate.

If you have any enquiry regarding a Probate matter please call us. By spending a few minutes discussing your matter we can provide tailored costs information.